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ACLU011 / ACLU011R

ACLU011 / ACLU011R - Universal LNB / LNA Redundancy Controller   

Key Features:

Monitor the status of two LNB / LNA units

Operate in automatic or changeover mode

Display status information of unit in the receive chains

Manual and automatic operation of the receive chains

Visual indications of the “ on line” chain for recieve systems

Visual indication (latching) of chain alarms

Remote M&C of chain changeover and unit funtions via RS-232/485/422 built in. TSP/IP Ethernet interface (optional)

LNB / LNA power supply voltage regulation and current fault protection

10MHz reference insertion/monitoring - switchable ON/OFF

LNB / LNA RB temperature monitoring

Redundancy  /  Outdoor   Manufacturer: Actox
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Untitled Parameter



Monitoring & controlling

Local / Remote

Methods of switching

LNB/A power supply voltage

LNB/A power supply current

Auto/Manual/physically Rotating SW
Adjustable, 12V-24V (over remote protocol)
0.6 amps max.

LNB’s nominal supply current adjust

100 mA to 600 mA

LNB’s current alarm window width

±5% to ±25% of nominal; software selectable in 5% steps

Switchover time

100 msec

IF input / output impedance / connector

50ohms – N-type Female or F-type Female

IF bandwidth

950 MHz – 1700 MHz

IF insertion loss

3 dB typ

Serial I/O: interface

RS-232: RS-422: RS-485 – Ethernet optional



RF WG switch actuating voltage

24 VDC

AC input

87-265 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 100W

LNB status alarms

Front panel LED indicators glow green when all OK, red when an LNB fault is detected

Unit buttons and indicators

Buttons are used to manually switch the LNBs. LED indicators show which LNBs are switched on-line. Red LEDs indicate faulted LNB

Auto/Manual switch and indicators

In auto mode, an LNB failure initiates the automatic switchover to the standby LNB. In manual mode, the online LNB can be selected from the front panel

Remote/Local switch and indicators

Selects either local or remote control from manual switch on front of serial interface.


11.81" (300 mm) W x 7.87" (200 mm) H x 1.97" (50 mm) D; (3.0 kg)

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